What is iVocalize? How does it work?

iVocalize Web Conference is a real-time, online communication and collaboration tool.  It allows people in different locations to see and hear the same thing at the same time and provides a platform for rich interaction.  Participants need a Mac or Windows computer with audio capabilities and a reliable internet connection.

iVocalize provides many different modes of interaction:

  • Audio – Anyone speaking inside an iVocalize room can be heard in real time by everyone else inside the room.  The moderator can allow different people to take turns at the microphone.
  • Text Chat – Everyone in the conference room has access to an instant messaging system for both public and private text conversations.  Text chat provides an easy way for the presenter or instructor to receive real-time feedback from the audience while speaking.
  • Webcam Video – If the person speaking has a webcam, then they can elect to have their live video broadcast to the room while they are speaking.
  • Co-Browsing – A presenter can take the audience on a guided tour of the web by directing everyone’s browser to the same web page at the same time.
  • Whiteboard – The presenter can upload any slide to the whiteboard, including a snapshot of the current web page, and use a laster pointer and various annotation tools to discuss the slide.
  • PowerPoint – OpenDocument and PowerPoint presentation files can be uploaded to the room for a streamlined experience where the presenter is able to advance slides and annotate them while speaking.
  • Live Screencasting – Demonstrate software and other real-time events by broadcasting a live video of your desktop to all attendees

To enter an iVocalize session, participants visit a dedicated login page, e.g. http://YourName.ivocalize.net and log in with their assigned user name and password.  Rooms can be set up to require all guests to register, or they can be open to anyone to enter using just their own name.  Once in the room, participants will hear the audio and see whatever information a presenter chooses to show.  The moderator decides whether guests can interact or simply watch and listen.

iVocalize sessions can be recorded then uploaded to your website for viewing after the session has been completed.  This makes it easy to archive online classes and presentations for anyone who was unable to attend the live event.

The cost of an iVocalize Web Conference room depends on its size, which is measured in seats.  A 10-seat room can have up to 10 people present in the room at the same time.  A 50-seat room can have 50 people in the room at once.  There are no extra fees, no per-minute costs, and and no overages.  All rooms are priced for flat-rate unlimited use.  This means that you can have meetings every day of the week, as often as you like, and pay only one flat monthly subscription rate.  And, yes, you can cancel at any time with no further obligation.

System Requirements Test

1. Operating System Check

2. Java Web Start Version Check

3. Java Web Start Launch and Connection Test

System Requirements

The following are the minimum system requirements needed to host or attend an iVocalize Web Conference.

For Windows Systems:

  1. Windows XP or later
  2. Java 5 (J2SE 1.5) or later
  3. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7+ or Firefox 3+

For Mac Systems:

  1. Mac OS 10.5 or later (Intel cpu)
  2. Google Chrome 20+, Safari 4+ or Firefox 15+
  3. Java 5 +

For Linux Systems:

  1. Linux is not currently supported.  Use a Windows virtual machine for full functionality on Linux.

For All Systems:

  1. 56K or faster Internet connection (broadband recommended)*
  2. Microphone and Speakers
  3. 512 MB System Memory
  4. Javascript and Cookies enabled in browser
  5. Java Web Start configured as helper application for browser

*The  bandwidth required depends on the presentation features used:

  • 32 Kbps : Voice + Text
  • 256 Kbps: Webcam, Whiteboard, Co-Browsing
  • 768 Kbps: Live Screencasting

Microphone Recommendation

We suggest a Headset/Microphone combination. Having the microphone integrated into a headset keeps it a fixed distance from the speaker’s mouth, resulting in more consistent audio volume and quality. Voice audio in the conference room is mono, not stereo, so we suggest a headset that covers only one ear. Audio feedback is not a problem with iVocalize, therefore it is fine to pair external speakers with a headset/mic combo.

Webcam Recommendation

For Windows users, we recommend Logitech webcams.  For Mac users we suggest using the integrated iSight camera.

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