07 Banning

The Banning page lists all users who have been banned from your conference room, and the date and time of their banishment.

By clicking Unban, an administrator may restore access to the conference room from the banned computer. The unban process does not restore a deleted user account.

Baning a user records the hardware signature of the computer from which the user signed in, and prevents future connections from computers with the same hardware id. If the user was signed in under an individual account (as opposed to a star-account) then that user account is also deleted when the user is banned.

Banning is not 100% reliable since the hardware signature of a computer may change as the result of new hardware, or the unwanted user may sign in from a different computer. It is also possible that multiple computers will have the same hardware signature, potentially blocking innocent users along with the banished user.

If a user receives error 86 and that user’s name does not appear on the ban list, it may be that a different user with the same hardware signature has been banned, preventing the legitimate user from entering. In this case, the only recourse is to remove ban entries from the room until the legitimate user is able to enter. If the time is known when the legitimate user became unable to access the room, then begin removing ban entries from before that time.

For more reliable alternatives to banning, see Preventing Unwanted Logins.