08 Features

The Features page of your room control panel allows the room administrator to configure room options and appearance customizations. The “Update” button at the bottom of the page must be clicked to save any changes made.

features page of room control panel

  • Audio Bitrate: The bitrate for streaming audio. Higher bitrates yield higher quality audio, while lower bitrates work better over slower connections.
  • Talk Timer: The number of seconds that a non-moderator may keep the microphone before it is passed to the next waiting room user. The user status display in iVocalize shows all participants a countdown timer when fewer than 100 seconds remain on the current speaker’s clock. A setting of zero seconds disables the talk timer.
  • Geo-Location: Display a user’s City, State and Country as a tooltip inside of iVocalize, and on your login and activity pages.
  • Text Log: Record public text messages in a searchable archive. The text log is accessed in the Browser menu of the iVocalize application.
  • Allow web browsing…: Allow non-moderators to independently navigate their embedded browsers. Moderators may still send web pages to the room when this is turned off.
  • Allow private text…: Allow non-moderators to initiate private text messages to other room users. When turned off, moderators may still send private messages to users, and users can respond to moderators.
  • Show active users…: Display a list of the users currently in your room on your room’s login page.
  • Enable standalone…: Enable the standalone activity web page for embedding in websites.
  • Enable emoticons…: Enable the conversion of emoticon text character combinations into graphical emoticons, as well as the selection of graphical emoticons from the emoticon library for insertion into the text chat.
  • Enable Live Screencasting: Enable the screencasting feature.  The screencasting button is shown on the whiteboard toolbar, and is available for any user who has whiteboard “Upload” permissions.
  • Show guest list…: Enable the display of the participants list for non-moderators.  If this is turned off, guests can see the moderators in the room, but not the other participants.  Turning this off also prevents non-moderators from seeing the participant count in the status bar and from private messaging other guests.