11 Locking

The Locking page of your room control panel controls how and when non-moderators may enter the room:

Settings exist for manual locking of the room in addition to various levels of automatic locking.

Lock the conference room

This is the manual lock setting. When enabled, only moderators may enter the conference room. Users attempting to enter a locked room will receive a message that the room is locked:

The manual lock setting can also be adjusted from the Moderator menu while inside the conference room. Moderators can use the manual lock feature as a quick way to ensure privacy.  The manual lock setting does not prevent Moderators from entering the room.  To prevent logins during non-meeting hours, see the Auto-Lock setting below.

Automatic Lock Settings

  • No automatic muting or locking: Disable automatic muting and locking of the room. Users can log in at any time, whether or not a moderator is present, and they will be able to use the microphone and text chat features.
  • Auto-Mute: Users logging in when no moderator is present will be automatically text-muted and audio-muted.
  • Auto-Lock: Prevent Users from entering the room when no Moderator is present. Users would receive the Room Locked message shown above.
  • Auto-Lock + Moderator Approval: In addition to the Auto-Lock setting above, User logins under * (any name) accounts will be delayed until a moderator explicitly approves each one.

When Auto-Lock + Moderator Approval is enabled, the moderator sees the window below for each star-account login.  Here, the moderator is being prompted to Accept or Reject Deborah’s login attempt:

While the user is waiting for moderator approval, she sees the following Waiting for Moderator Approval… message: