Script Errors in the Embedded Browser

Many web pages contain errors.  Since end users can do nothing about this, browsers are typically configured to mask common problems.  However, this is not always the case, and sometimes error messages are shown:

Script errors are normally displayed on computers where software development tools have been installed.  Upon installation, the development tools modify the browser settings so that errors can be interactively debugged.

Because iVocalize includes Internet Explorer as its embedded web browser on Windows, users will occasionally see script errors appear when they receive web pages during synchronized browsing sessions.  This can be confusing because not all users see a problem — only those users whose browsers are configured to display script errors.

To disable the display of script errors, open Internet Explorer’s Internet Options:

Open Internet Options:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. From the Tools menu select Internet Options
  3. Select the Advanced tab

Verify the following Settings:

  1. Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) – CHECKED
  2. Disable script debugging (Other) – CHECKED
  3. Display a notification about every script error – UNCHECKED

After verifying these settings:

  1. Click Apply to save the settings
  2. Click OK to close Internet Options
  3. Close any open Internet Explorer Windows
  4. Close iVocalize, if Running