iVocalize features a shared whiteboard for the interactive display and annotation of image files, web pages, PowerPoint slides and application windows.

The first step in using the whiteboard is uploading a background picture to display and annotate. The simplest way to upload content is by using One-Click Web Page Annotation.

Beginning with a web page loaded in the embedded web browser, click on the Open Page in Whiteboard button on the browser’s toolbar:

A snapshot of the current web page is uploaded as the new whiteboard canvas. Now any of the whiteboard drawing tools may be used to mark up the page in real time. Below, the highlighter tool has been used to highlight first search result.

Another way to load a canvas onto the whiteboard is using the Open File toolbar button:

Standard image file types such as JPG, PNG and GIF are supported.

A third way to load a background canvas is by pasting an image from the system clipboard using the Paste toolbar button:

The Window Snapshot tool allows a presenter to capture the image of any window on the desktop using a window finder tool:

Clicking the Window Snapshot button hides the application and brings up a camera that can be dragged over any window to capture its contents to the whiteboard:

Drag and Drop may also be used to drop any image file onto the whiteboard:

The Live Screencasting button begins a screencast of your desktop. Click here for an overview of the Live Screencasting feature.

The Open Presentation button is used to upload a PowerPoint or OpenDocument slide show to the whiteboard. Click here for an overview of the PowerPoint and OpenDocument presentation feature.

Clear Button

The clear button works in two stages. The first click clears any annotations on the current image. The second click removes the background image entirely.

Undo Button

The Undo button removes the last drawing operation

Selective Undo

Clicking the selective undo button opens the undo menu and allows the operator to choose a specific drawing operation to undo:

Similarly, the Redo and Selective Redo buttons allow the operator to redo the last Undo operation, or to select which Undo operation to restore.

The Toggle Annotations feature allows a quick “before and after” view of the slide by hiding and showing annotations:

When annotations are toggled off, everyone’s drawing tools are disabled. This is an easy way for a moderator to lock down the whiteboard against changes.

Once an image is on the whiteboard, the following tools are available for annotation:

  • Thickness: Line thickness, size of checkmark, laser pointer.
  • Color: Drawing color, laser color.
  • Font: Text font and color.
  • Text Tool: Drag a rectangle in which to edit text.
  • Freehand Tool: Freeform input.
  • Highlighter Tool: Works on solid (not textured) backgrounds.
  • Checkmark Tool: Place a checkmark at the cursor position.
  • Line Tool: Holding the Alt key makes the line horizontal.
  • Shape Tool: Draw the selected solid or filled shapes.
  • Laser Pointer: Only one person’s laser is active at a time.

Whiteboard drawing permissions are configured globally in the room’s control panel, and individually from within iVocalize. By default, moderators have full permissions, and non-moderators have a read-only view of the whiteboard. When in read-only mode, the whiteboard toolbar is hidden, and only the canvas is visible.

By right-clicking a user’s name, the moderator may individually grant whiteboard permissions to specific users: