Explanation of Seats, Rooms and Servers

The capacity of a web conference room is measured in seats.  A seat represents a single connection to the web conference room.  For example, a room with 10 seats can have 10 people connected to the room at the same time.  This is similar to a physical conference room, where the number of chairs in the room determines how many people people can sit down around the table.   Unlike physical conference rooms,  iVocalize conference rooms can be expanded on demand.

A web conference room is a dedicated meeting place on the web.  It has a size in seats and a web address that can be given to others.   The room administrator can customize the room in various ways by selecting which features to enable, creating user accounts and assigning permissions, setting the title, logo and colors, etc.   Presentations can be uploaded into a web conference room in advance, and will be available for all future meetings in that room.  Similarly, information can be placed on the whiteboard and will remain there between meetings until erased by the presenter.

An iVocalize web conference server is a collection of web conference rooms.  iVocalize offers a corporate server package that allows organizations to create many individual conference rooms.  For example, a university may create a conference room for each instructor or for each class.  When many rooms are needed, a corporate server is more economical than purchasing the rooms individually because the the seat capacity of the server is shared across all rooms.

For example, the 100-seat corporate server package has 50 rooms.  Each room can be configured for any size between 1 seat and 100 seats.  In this example, assume that each room is configured for 10 seats.  This represents a total of 500 seats configured on a 100 seat server.  This is not a problem because not all rooms will be in use at the same time, and of the rooms in use, not all of them will be full.  The limitation of 100 seats applies to the number of people who are simultaneously logged into all of the conference rooms, not to the overall capacity of each room.

The next step up is the iVocalize Reseller Web Conference Server.  This product allows companies to resell iVocalize Web Conference Rooms and Corporate Servers under their own brand name.  The capacity of the Reseller Server may be used as a single server, or can be sub-divided into multiple corporate servers.

For example, a 1000 seat reseller server could be divided into one 500-seat corporate server that is used to sell conference rooms, and 5 100-seat corporate servers that are directly sold to other companies.