What is a JNLP file?

JNLP is a helper file used by Java Web Start, the Java application launcher. When you log into a room this helper file is downloaded by your browser. The JNLP files are saved according to your browser’s configuration for where it places downloads.  You may modify your browser configuration to place these files anywhere that you like.

After the browser downloads a JNLP file, it hands the file off to Java Web Start, which then downloads and starts iVocalize.

If Java is installed correctly and associated with JNLP files, the JNLP will be opened automatically by Java Web Start.  Some browser setups may require that you click the downloaded JNLP file in order to open it.   If Java does not launch either automatically or by clicking on the downloaded file, then see the Java Installation Test page for next steps.

Once login has been completed, the file RoomName.jnlp may be deleted from your computer. Alternately, you may leave the JNLP file on your desktop and double-click it to re-enter the room at a later time, however changes to the room’s configuration may invalidate your JNLP file. To receive an updated launch file, simply enter the room normally via the room’s login page, and an updated version will be downloaded.