Synchronized Browsing

The Synchronized Browsing feature allows the audience to follow along with a presenter’s web browser.

To begin a synchronized browsing presentation, log in with moderator or administrator privileges and select Synchronized Browsing under the moderator menu:

When Alice turns on synchronized browsing, the page that she is currently viewing is sent to all participants. If the whiteboard was active when Alice turned on sync browsing, then everyone is returned to the browser.

A moderator with synchronized browsing enabled appear italicized and in blue, as shown here. Note the tool tip showing that Alice is Presenting.

Now, when Alice the presenter pulls up a Google search, Bob’s browser will follow along.

As long as Alice has synchronized browsing turned on, Bob’s browser will navigate to the same pages, but he will not see the browser address bar, nor will he be able to switch back to the whiteboard:

Form Submissions, Frame Sets and Password Protected Websites

Form submissions and frame sets are not reliably synchronized.  For synchronizing content other than simple top-level navigations, use an external browser and the Live Screencasting feature.

With live screencasting, attendees receive a real-time picture of the browsing experience instead of receiving the actual URLs and data. This guarantees that they will see the same thing that the presenter sees.

Multiple Presenters

If multiple moderators enable synchronized browsing at the same time, they will not see each other’s synchronized content. For consistent results, only on presenter at a time should turn on synchronized browsing. The second presenter should turn on synchronized browsing only after the first presenter has turned it off.

Flash, Plugins and Applets

Web pages containing Flash, applets and other plugins will not display properly inside the web conference room.   Beginning with Java 7, the embedded browser no longer supports plugins such as Flash due to increased security.

The Java 7 embedded browser uses the same WebKit engine used in Safari and Chrome, and is HTML 5 compliant.  Slide content dependent on Flash or other plugins should be transitioned to use HTML 5 features instead.