Text Chat

iVocalize includes a comprehensive text chat feature with public and private messaging, color selection, emoticons, logging, search and moderated chat:

Each participant can select the color of their text messages, as shown here:

Emoticons can be inserted into messages by typing the appropriate code, or by clicking on the emoticon button and choosing from a menu. The tool tip for each emoticon on the menu shows its code:

Messages can be made public by sending to All or Private by selecting a recipient from the drop down list:

Once a private conversation has been initiated, a tab appears for that conversation for easy switching between multiple conversations:

A private conversation may be closed by first selecting it then pressing the Esc key, or by right clicking the tab and selecting Close Conversation from the context menu:

Right-clicking inside the text display brings up a context menu for standard text operations such as clear, cut, copy, paste, select all, direction and font size:

The text chat feature can be customized on a per-user basis via the File->Text Messaging menu:

The following settings are present on the Text Messaging menu:

  • Timestamp Messages – display the time of receipt with each text message
  • Show Colors – display messages using the color selected by the author. Some message authors use colors that are difficult to see. Turning this option off will default to the system colors for display of text.
  • Show Emoticons – Display emoticons graphics, or display as text only.
  • Use Tabs for Private Messages – When on, private conversations are in separate windows. When off, private conversations are shown in the main window with a (private) designator.
  • Show Enter and Leave Messages – display a message each time someone enters or leaves the room

The text log, showing past conversations, can be displayed by selectin Show Text Log from the Browser menu:

Selecting the Show Text Log menu option brings up the text log search window. The search window allows you to select the entire text log for display, or to search for entries containing a specific keyword:

After clicking OK in text log search window, the text log is displayed in the browser:

Note: The text log is available via the embedded browser while logged into the room. It is not available via external browsers from outside the room.

The Text Log, emoticon and the private message features are configurable by the room administrator in the Features section of the Room Control Panel.

Administrators have the ability to clear the text log by selecting Clear Text Log from the Moderator menu, and any moderator can enable Moderated Text Chat from the Moderator menu:

When Moderated Text Chat is turned on, public messages from non-moderators are not immediately posted to the room. Instead, the messages are first sent to moderators for approval. The moderator has the ability to Accept or Reject the message by clicking the appropriate button. In addition, the moderator can reject the message and mute the sender by clicking on the Mute button.

After a moderator takes action, the moderated message display changes to show which moderator took action, and the result of their action:

If the message was approved, it will be displayed to the room. If the message was rejected, room participants will not see the message, and the message sender will receive no acknowledgment.