Java Installation Test

Successfully launching iVocalize depends on having a properly configured Java installation. This means that Java, Java Web Start and your web browser successfully work together to launch an application.

First, visit the following test page at

If the above test reveals problems, please correct them per the instructions on the test page.

The following test will determine if you are able to launch a sample Java program using Java Web Start.  At this point, we are testing only your Java installation — This test does not involve iVocalize in any way.

Click the following link: Progress Bar Demo

If Java is working properly, you should see a “Java Starting” window followed by the “Progress Bar Demo” sample application.

If you see the windows above, then your Java installation is properly configured.

If you do not see the windows above:

  1. reinstall Java per
  2. Attempt to launch the Progress Bar Demo application

If the sample application still does not launch, then verify that you are running the latest version of your web browser.  IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox have all been shown to work correctly.

If your browser is fully up to date, and you still cannot launch the sample application, then then trying a different browser will help determine if the problem is with your Java installation, or with your web browser configuration.

Following installation of a new browser, run the Java installation program again to be sure that Java has fully configured your new browser.

If changing browsers allows you to launch the sample application, then the problem is likely with your browser’s handling of JNLP files. Such problems can be caused by security software, spyware, download accelerators or other browser add-ons. Removing browser add-ons and/or reinstalling Java may resolve the issue, however, iVocalize cannot provide any specific advice on configuring 3rd party software.

Your browser may ask what to do with a JNLP file, for example Open or Save.  This indicates that the association that should exist between JNLP files and the Java Web Start application is broken.  Reinstalling Java should fix this issue.  If not, you may, at your own risk, attempt to manually create the association as follows:

  1. save the JNLP file to your desktop
  2. right click the file and select Open With -> Choose Default Program
  3. click Browse…
  4. choose c:\windows\system32\javaws.exe
  5. check the “always use this program…” checkbox

If changing browsers, reinstalling Java and restarting your computer still do not enable running of the above sample application, then some other issue on your computer is preventing Java and/or Java Web Start from functioning properly.  You will be unable to run iVocalize until the prerequisite of a properly functioning Java installation has been met.   Troubleshooting system level issues related to Java is beyond the scope of support provided by iVocalize. support or your PC vendor may be able to assist further.