02 Home

The Home section of the room control panel contains contact information for the registered account holder and several important hyperlinks:

  • Room ID – This number uniquely identifies your conference room.  Include it in all correspondence with iVocalize.
  • Capacity – The maximum number of people who can be in your room at one time
  • Peak Connection – The maximum number of people who have been in your room simultaneously
  • User Accounts – The number of accounts configured under the User Accounts section of your control panel. New rooms come with two accounts pre-configured, one for Moderators, and one for ordinary users.
  • Login Page – This is the main login page where people go to enter your conference room.  Everyone can sign in here, whether Moderator or ordinary user.  This login page requests both a user name and a password, however, a password may not be needed depending on how your room is configured.  Include this URL in all correspondence with iVocalize.
  • No Password Login page – This is a version of your main login page that does not request a password. This link will only be valid if your room is configured to allow logins without a password.  This link can be distributed to guests if you are running an open conference room with no password required, and you want to make it as simple as possible for your guests to participate.
  • Direct Launch – This link bypasses the login page and directly launches iVocalize for login to your room. The application will still request a user name and password, however, it is possible to add &user= and &pass= parameters to the link so that the user is not prompted for this information.
  • Activity Page – This is a simple web page showing the names of people currently logged into your room, suitable for embedding on another website.
  • Registration Page – This is a web page where people can sign up for a new user account in your conference room. This link is available only when the automatic registration system is turned on in your room.