03 Online Now

The Online Now section of the room control panel shows the names and locations of people currently logged into your conference room:

  • Name – The screen name that the participant signed in with. If your room is configured with * (Any Name) accounts, this corresponds to whatever the particpant entered on the login page. If your room is configured with individual user names and passwords, then the name will exactly match one of your configured user accounts.
  • Address – This contains the IP address and an approximate City, State and Country based on a reverse lookup of the IP address. The Geolocation information is an approximation only and is not guaranteed to be accurate. In particular, guests connecting through proxy servers will appear to be signing in from wherever the proxy server is located.
  • Version – This is the iVocalize software version and operating system that the participant is running. This information is useful for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Time – The number of hours and minutes that this user has been connected.
  • Actions/Boot – Temporarily eject someone from the conference room. An administrator can force a guest from the room for many different reasons, including misbehavior, signing in with an inappropriate name, etc. A user who has been booted may immediately sign back in, provided that they have a valid user name and password.
  • Actions/Ban – Eject someone from the conference room, delete their user account, and attempt to prevent future logins from the same computer. Baning a user records the hardware signature of the computer from which the user signed in, and prevents future connections from computers with the same hardware id. If the user was signed in under an individual account (as opposed to a star-account) then that user account is deleted, preventing future logins.  Banning is not 100% reliable since the hardware signature of a computer may change as the result of new hardware, or the unwanted user may sign in from a different computer.  It is also possible that multiple computers will have the same hardware signature, potentially blocking innocent users along with the banished user.